Macrame Pot Holder Online Workshop


Try the simple and fun craft of macrame. You will receive, by post, all the materials you need to make your macrame pot holder, the only equipment you will need is a pair of scissors and sticky tape to hold your work in place whilst you tie your knots.

There are online 'how to' video tutorials showing you how to tie your macrame knots and guide you through step by step to create your macrame pot holder. The tutorial videos are in a private Facebook group which you can access anytime and the group is also a place where you can ask for any help you need to complete your project.

The workshop is perfect for macrame beginners.

The colour cord choices available are shown in photo 3. From top to bottom the colours are:
- Cream with gold strand
- Green
- Pale blue
- Blush with gold strand

The cord is made from recycled cotton and is 5mm in thickness and the completed pot holder is approximately 50cm in length.

In the materials pack you will receive enough cord to make one pot holder, a wood stick approximately 16cm in length and a metal pot of 9cm depth.

* Please note only the materials will be sent to you by post, a link to a private Facebook group with the 'how to' instruction videos will be emailed to you. The 'how to' videos are 45 minutes in duration.