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Hi. I am Lyndsey and I run craft workshop and craft parties in the South West of England. I also create craft kits and 'how to' tutorials. This is my little blog about my craft filled tales......

By Lyndsey, Apr 24 2019 08:42PM

It's the first #makemondaycrafty!

I just wanted to let you know about something new I am introducing and I am just a little bit excited about!.........As you may know I love making and one of the reasons why I teach is to encourage others to create. The benefits of making and taking time for yourself to create have been recently reported in the press, in my own small way I want to encourage creating, making it part of everyday life. So, each Monday I will be posting a 'how to' photo tutorial called #makemondaycrafty. The tutorial will be a simple make that should take between 10 minutes to an hour and the idea is that you give it a go and post your makes using the #makemondaycrafty hashtag. At the end of the week I will post some of your makes on my page. So would you like to give it a go?!

Here is this week's make, it's what I first taught so seemed like a good place to start, some little felt flowers. You will need a felt square of approx 8cm and a circle of 8cm diameter. Cut a spiral into both shapes maintaining a spiral width of approx 1cm.Then take the centre of the felt spiral as the centre of your flower and wind the felt back round the outside. Use a needle and thread and sew a couple of stitches through all the felt layers on the bottom of your flower to keep it secure and then turn your flower over and sew a button into the middle of your flower. Your make is now complete. Your flowers can be attached to a wreath, hairband made into a brooch whatever you fancy! So now it's your turn to get making, can't wait to see your beautiful flowers.

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