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Hi. I am Lyndsey and I run craft workshop and craft parties in the South West of England. I also create craft kits and 'how to' tutorials. This is my little blog about my craft filled tales......

By Lyndsey, May 8 2019 07:53PM


It has been a long weekend here so I have been busy updating my website and adding all the details about children's craft parties. It is something I have always offered but I have never got round to adding the details to the website. So, if you have a child that loves making things, then a craft party could be perfect. You select the craft and I bring all the materials and equipment needed to a venue of your choice in South Devon. I also clear everything away afterwards resulting in stress free birthday party fun! See the craft party page for all the details.

The end of the weekend means that it is a new week and therefore a new #makemondaycrafty project! This week we are doing a bit of upcycling with decorated jam jars.

For this you will need a jam jar, washi tape or masking task, acrylic paint, sponge, string, scissors and a pencil with a rubber at the end.

Firstly remove any labels from your jam jar and make sure it is clean and dry inside and out. Take your tape, cut strips and stick them to your jar to create a pattern. Using your sponge and some acrylic paint, sponge the paint onto your jar. Wait for the paint to dry and then pull off your tape strips to reveal your pattern. To complete my design I have used a different colour of acrylic paint and using the rubber end of a pencil added spots. I have then taken a piece of string and attached it to the top of my jar. I have placed a candle in my jar but you can use it as a storage jar for pens, fill it with sweets as a gift, whatever you fancy.

If you want to use your jar outside and want to protect your design you can spray it with a sealant to make it waterproof.

You don't have to stick with this design, have a play with different ideas. I hope you enjoy making your jar and I would love to see what you make! You can post photos of your creations on Instagram and use the tag #makemondaycrafty or why not join the Make Monday Crafty Facebook group for more hints and tips and share your photos there.

By Lyndsey, Apr 30 2019 11:26AM

It is this week's #makemondaycrafty and the project is a macrame keyring.

For the project you will need some cotton cord, a length of 60cm and a second length of 120cm. A metal ring for your keyring and a pair of scissors.

Take your two pieces of cotton cord and put them through the ring so there is an equal length of cord on either side of the ring. Attach the ring on a hook or tie it to a chair to secure the cords while you are tying your knots.

We will be creating a series of square knots. To create a square knot, take the pink piece of cord on the left and creating a 4 shape place the cord over the two pieces of blue cord and under the pink cord on the right. Then take the piece of pink cord on the right and pass it under the two blue cords and under the left pink cord and through the hole. Then pull both ends of the pink cord so it meets the blue cords in the middle and reaches the top of the ring.

Then take the pink cord on the right and create a 4 shape, place the cord on the right over the two pieces of blue cord and under the pink cord on the left. Then take the piece of cord on the left and pass it under the two blue cords and under the right pink cord and through the hole. Then pull both ends so it meet the blue cord in the middle and reaches your previous knot at the top. This is a macrame square knot. Repeat the process, starting with your left pink cord 4 shape and then your right pink cord 4 shape until you have at least 10 square knots. To finish off your keyring, tie your four cords together as shown and trim the excess cord.

I hope you enjoy making the keyring, I would love to see what you make, why not join the Make Monday Crafty group and share your makes.

By Lyndsey, Apr 24 2019 08:42PM

It's the first #makemondaycrafty!

I just wanted to let you know about something new I am introducing and I am just a little bit excited about!.........As you may know I love making and one of the reasons why I teach is to encourage others to create. The benefits of making and taking time for yourself to create have been recently reported in the press, in my own small way I want to encourage creating, making it part of everyday life. So, each Monday I will be posting a 'how to' photo tutorial called #makemondaycrafty. The tutorial will be a simple make that should take between 10 minutes to an hour and the idea is that you give it a go and post your makes using the #makemondaycrafty hashtag. At the end of the week I will post some of your makes on my page. So would you like to give it a go?!

Here is this week's make, it's what I first taught so seemed like a good place to start, some little felt flowers. You will need a felt square of approx 8cm and a circle of 8cm diameter. Cut a spiral into both shapes maintaining a spiral width of approx 1cm.Then take the centre of the felt spiral as the centre of your flower and wind the felt back round the outside. Use a needle and thread and sew a couple of stitches through all the felt layers on the bottom of your flower to keep it secure and then turn your flower over and sew a button into the middle of your flower. Your make is now complete. Your flowers can be attached to a wreath, hairband made into a brooch whatever you fancy! So now it's your turn to get making, can't wait to see your beautiful flowers.

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